The Natural Nail

No chip is not just for natural nails!

The sky is the limit with color choices for our gel enhancements! Our Signature and Custom Q no chip allows you to match your pedicure or perhaps that dress for the big night out! Anything is possible!

Do you have acrylic nails and are tired of waiting for your polish to dry? Walk out the door with your nails instantly 100% dry AND have perfect polish until your next appointment!!

Savvy Manicure  $25

Our Savvy Manicure starts with a warm water soak where the cuticles are conditioned and tended to. After your nails are buffed and shaped, you’ll receive a stress relieving hand massage followed by a choice of polish to complete this relaxing service.

Signature Q No Chip Manicure  $38

Our signature no chip manicure looks like a traditional nail polish, but is actually a hybrid premixed nail polish that is mixed with gel then is cured under a UV light. Your nails are super shiny and last for 2 weeks with no chipping! The best part is that you can walk out the door with nails that are 100% rock hard dry!!

Custom Q No Chip Manicure  $40

Need to match a dress for that special occasion? No problem!! We are one of the very few salons that will customize your no chip manicure into ANY color you wish! You can even bring in your own nail polish color and we can transform it into that same gel-like, super shiny, long lasting high tech manicure that lasts for weeks!

Manicure Refresher  $18

In a hurry? Have your natural nails buffed shaped and re-polished.


Tired of soft, brittle, and peeling nails? Do you want longer and stronger nails right now? Consider gel or acrylic enhancements. We use the top products in the industry to transform your hands or your toes into gorgeous works of art.

Gel Nails

Full Set  $78
Fill-In (Including French)  $42
Colored Gel  $44
Custom Q Color  $46

Nail Art

Nail Savvy now offers Nail Art, starting at $3 per nail, by appointment only (please call ahead). Choose from a variety of designs, colors and applications.


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